Truly One-of-a-Kind


We create custom classical music pieces for your baby. Each piece is completely unique - every note is hand-written, recorded and offered to you as a life-long keepsake in the form of a recording as well as an artful, framed manuscript. We are confident that a Père piece is truly like no other gift in the world.

How It Works


You send us anything you think best represents or describes your baby. It could be video, pictures, maybe a poem or a story.


A week after we receive your description we send you a 30 second sketch of the composition.


Upon your approval, we complete the rest of the composition in 7-10 days.



As with any creative process, inspiration and time varies widely from piece to piece. For this reason we limit the number of pieces we do a month so that each piece secures our full attention and care.

Featured on WNYC's Soundcheck

"Too often we think about buying or gifting material objects for babies. They inevitably outgrow these things. Père music was the best gift I have ever given for my Godson Daniel. My friendship with his mother has spanned decades and different continents. I wanted to give her son something truly meaningful; something beyond onesies and strollers. I wanted a gift that would be his alone for life. I hope as he grows he will listen to his song and realize it was made just for him. Personalization feels magical and I hope it will always make him feel loved and special."


- Dominique, Daniel's Godmother

"Ken went above and beyond to perfectly capture the essence of our baby's character and personality. The perfect way to describe her without words!"


-Elissa, Arya's mother

Our family and friends had this piece commissioned as a gift for our daughter when she was born. It was clear that Ken had used a lot of creativity and inspiration when writing the piece. We feel it suits her curious personality and adventurous spirit perfectly. We love it and our baby loves it! What a fabulous idea for a gift that will truly last a lifetime.


-Jill, Ruby's mother

You made Daniel's Christening/birthday so special! We listen to the recording often and it always makes us very emotional. It is amazing having it written just for him, I hope that he will treasure it as much as we do! Not many people get to experience a piece of music that is so personal and Steve and I both feel that the rhythm and tune really do reflect Daniel's personality, the notes are full of vitality and a sense of good hearted mischief can be clearly heard.


-Liza, Daniel's mother